While these are not 'rules' per se, they are important. We want to encourage quality members here. If you are going to contribute to this forum, you should take note!

1. Give an opinion and back it up with a reason. Throwaway comments such as "Game X pwnz because my friend and I think so!" could be considered pointless at best, and inflamatory at worst.

2. Give your own opinions, not those copied and pasted from reviews or opinions of your friends.

3. Don't post only one word, unless the occasion really calls for it. One word posts are boring to read. We're trying to create a popular forum here with interesting content to attract new users. Why not encourage that?

4. Read the thread you're posting in before you post!

5. Use the SEARCH button if you are looking for information. You may find your question has already been answered in a previous thread.

6. Read stickied Threads!

7. Do not type as if you were in a chat room. Using single letters to fill in for words is a bad idea. Noobies get flamed for it and we get mad over it.

8. Please type out a full sentence with all the correct endings. Type out so others can understand it. There is no rush to post so take your time!

9. Use full stops at the end of each sentence, like this.

10. Use commas when needed.


12. Use proper spelling and grammar, please! We get bored of comments such as "im from da hood nd im a pimp gangsta how r u hoodiez!1111" which are pretentious and dull.

13. There is filtering on swear words here and any attempt to bypass this will result in a warning at the minimum.

14. Members are expected to be kind to other members, no flaming or insulting of members is allowed. A heated debate is encouraged, but no insulting.