SCEE's Andrew House has said that "it may be a while" until the firm start seeing sales of PSPgo overtaking the previous PSP-3000 model.

Speaking to on the subject of when PSPgo will likely start to overtake PSP-3000's sales, SCEE's CEO said:

"I don't think I'd hazard a guess at this point, but it may be a while."

The PSPgo, which launched in North America and Europe on October 1st, focuses purely on digital distribution to combat piracy, coming shipped with a built in solid state hard drive while removing the previous model's UMD drive. It also comes with a massive price tag.

Sales for Sony's latest PSP SKU haven't been as strong as they would have perhaps liked, with combined PSP-3000 and PSPgo unit sales in the US only reaching 174, 600 during the go's launch month.

In comparison, the DS sold over 457,000 during the same period.

Here's hoping Sony has better luck with the go over Christmas.