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Thread: PS3 Controller on Xbox360; Vise-Versa

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    Default PS3 Controller on Xbox360; Vise-Versa

    So I've been researching, and yes, I found the XCM stuff. But I'm really short on cash right now, after buying Christmas presents and I was looking for a (significantly) cheaper way to accomplish this.

    Now here's something I observed, which takes very little brain-power to figure out:

    1. The ps3 has a usb cord that can connect it to a usb port.
    2. The xbox 360 (like the ps3) has usb ports.

    And... 3. We have successfully connected the ps3 controller to windows computers, time and time again, and gotten them to work, via sixaxis drivers.

    So... Why can't we: 4. Connect the ps3 controller to the xbox 360, and do some "driver work" to get it working, as if it were the xbox controller?

    I was just wondering about this...and I don't know much at all about how the xbox works, with regards to drivers and all that good stuff... I only know computers, not how similar xbox is to them. But they are both made the the corporate giant, so changes are they have quite similar characteristics.

    Thanks for any help you give!

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    acha ok bedzie fajnie o lala olala:P glupie nabijanie postow.

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    Wow, nice. Tks.

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