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Thread: NBA2k11 My Player GS Editor (Max Skill Points, Attributes)

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    Default NBA2k11 My Player GS Editor (Max Skill Points, Attributes)

    Thanks to Mikaelover @ xbox360-content for creating this, I take no credit for it just wanted to share. the my player save with editor
    2. put the value you wanted in skill point tab and type "DE" in max all atribute tab for the max stat /attribute
    3.rehash and resign
    4. enjoy

    max value skill point= 999999999
    max attribute tab= just type "DE" and save

    Note from creator: DO NOT USE MY PROG TO PLAY ONLINE! I REPEAT DO NOT USE IT ONLINE is for offline only and i dont take responsible about that( its not funny if you go to online you had max attribute and have overall rating all is 99) and please use this for offline only (RESPECT OTHER PEOPLE WHO PLAY FAIR IN ONLINE )

    Download: FIXED AND WORKING!!!

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    Thanks guys

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    can somebody help me, rehash and resign in modio not wrking since when ever I drag the file to it it is saying its not an XBOX file. please advice

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