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Thread: Pimp My Wii 2.11 & TBR 1.14 MOD - Hack 4.3 Wiis

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    Default Pimp My Wii 2.11 & TBR 1.14 MOD - Hack 4.3 Wiis

    • "Pimp My Wii" is a homebrew application that will install missing and outdated titles from your Wii console.
    • The program will scan your Wii and detect missing or outdated IOS.
    • Check that you are using System Menu version 4.1.
    • If using 4.2 or 4.3 your Wii will not downgrade.
    • It also checks if you have the latest versions of BC, MIOS.
    • Latest versions of system channels : Wii Shop, News, Weather, Mii, Photo and Photo 1.1.
    • Pimp My Wii now also lets you install cIOS249 rev20 (IOS38 base) and cIOS250 rev20 (IOS57 base) from Waninkoko and cIOS 202/222/223/224 (v5.1) from Hermes.
    • If you don't have the latest versions of those titles, Pimp My Wii will download install them for you.
    • After using this program, you will have all advantages from 4.1 accumulated from those of 3.2, and this without drawbacks!!
    • Pimp My Wii is completely safe to run on an already softmodded Wii.
    • Pimp My Wii is completely safe to run on a Wii containing a modchip. In fact running Pimp My Wii is recommended for modchip users.

    So how do I "Pimp My Wii"

    • Run Pimp My Wii from HBC [or bannerbomb or any other method of loading homebrew].
    • Select Pass the test and fix problems.
    • Let Pimp My Wii scan your Wii for outdated and/or missing Wii system files.
    • When you are presented with the IOS to install, DO NOT change the patching options.
    • Let Pimp My Wii choose the patches.
    • Leave all settings at default.
    • All you have to do is press the (A) button on your Wii remote.

    • If you do not have cIOS installed you can now use Pimp My Wii to install:
    • Waninkoko cIOS 249-rev20 (base 38).
    • Waninkoko cIOS 249-rev20 (base 57)
    • Hermes v5.1 202, 222, 223 & 224.

    Prerequisite to running

    1a) An already Hacked Wii with HBC installed.

    1b) or Basic knowledge of running exploits such as bannerbomb, Twilight Hack, Indiana Pwns, Smash Stack or others which I have failed to mention.

    2) Some basic knowledge of Wii IOS.

    3a) cIOS249 or patched IOS36.

    3b) fully patched IOS36 using minimal install option.

    4) Ability to read this entire post before asking questions.

    Offline Installation

    Pimp My Wii works best if you have a wireless internet connection through your Wii. However you can do an offline install using wads.

    First run only Pass The Test to check what you need to update. If you only have a couple IOS out of date than you will only need to download the needed IOS.

    Ive downloaded and packed into wads all the necessary files for the offline install. Everything is named appropriately for Pimp My Wii.

    Download all necessary files from my mediafire account

    Or you can use NUS Downloader to name, download and pack into wads, all the needed files.

    Place the wads to the root of your SD Card.

    The necessary IOS in their specific versions:

    IOS9 v1034
    IOS12 v526
    IOS13 v1032
    IOS14 v1032
    IOS15 v1032
    IOS17 v1032
    IOS20 v12
    IOS21 v1039
    IOS22 v1294
    IOS28 v1807
    IOS30 v2576
    IOS31 v3608
    IOS33 v3608
    IOS34 v3608
    IOS35 v3608
    IOS36 v3608
    IOS37 v5663
    IOS38 v4124
    IOS50 v4889
    IOS53 v5663
    IOS55 v5663
    IOS56 v5662
    IOS57 v5919
    IOS58 v6176
    IOS60 v6174
    IOS61 v5662
    IOS70 v6687
    IOS80 v6944

    If your Wii does not have any IOS with trucha bug (if your Wii is 3.4 from origin or more), you will need:

    IOS must be named this way: IOSX-64-vY.wad
    where X and Y are respectively the version and revision number

    For the cIOS installation:

    - cIOS 249 : IOS 38 rev 4123
    - cIOS 250 : IOS 57 rev 5918
    - cIOS 202 : IOS 60 rev 6174
    - cIOS 222 : IOS 38 rev 3867
    - cIOS 223 : IOS 37 rev 3869
    - cIOS 224 : IOS 57 rev 5661

    To update the System Menu, you need: RVL-WiiSystemmenu-vX.wad
    where X is 448 for 4.1J, 449 for 4.1U, 450 for 4.1E and 454 for 4.1K

    Wii Shop, you need: RVL-Shopping-v18.wad
    BC: RVL-bc-v6.wad
    MIOS: RVL-mios-v10.wad

    For other channels: XY-NUS-vZ.wad
    where X is the "type", Y the number and Z the version
    By example for Mii Channel it's 1000248414341-NUS-v6.wad

    Download ---> Pimp My Wii v2.11
    ********** Maxiconsole general forum Rules ************

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    I have a 4.3U menu and i use Indian Jones Hack to install boot mii and HBC.
    After that, use PIMP MY Wii 2.11 to update all my IOS, and now, most of my games have black screen?
    I use USB loader GX 938 and i also use Wiiflow 2.2.
    I try to load my black screen games with IOS 222, 223 and 249, always black screen.

    All of my games are working in 4.3u with usb loader gx 938 before runnign PIMP MY WII 2.11

    Can you help me with to find a way run my black screen games again?

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    Is there anyway you can repack this so its much easyer to do an offline setup my wii is very outdated and seems everything needs updated and I have been getting timeouts on like a 1/3 of the ios.

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    Thanks! Rule program!

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