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Thread: Ultimate PS3 jailbreak Tutorial [Guide + Links]

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    Default Ultimate PS3 jailbreak Tutorial [Guide + Links]

    Ridicules How To Jb Thread

    Ok first off i am writing this to help all these noobs who keep asking the same questions over and over so there is one place to get all the things u need and exactly how to do it

    ok let me get started

    First off
    Things You Need *Files will be supplied*
    1.Ps3 with 3.41 Firmware
    2.Hermes V4b Hex files
    3.Either programmable Board or a Ps3Key
    *best key i can reccommend is Eclips3 they are great*
    4.Backup manager V1
    5.Open Manager V1.16.1*i know there are new ones use thme if u can get em *
    6. Blackbox FTP 1.2
    7.OpenSplit v1.1
    8.Smartftp Client

    Things you will Learn in Order
    1.Installing Hex Keys to your hack
    2.Installing the correct firmware
    3.Installing Backup Managers and other files
    4.Learn how to backup a original Disc
    5.Installing files > 4GB
    6.How To FTP Files
    7. Getting downloaded games working from external

    Ok first things first
    1. Installing Your hack *will be using eclips3 for this reference
    Download your keys programming tool
    for the eclips3 i use the EclipseUpdater.exe from their website
    put your key into the computer load the EclipseUpdater.exe and click the arrow and go
    "Load psgroove/psfreedom firmware"
    Select Hermes V4b hex key "teensy 2++" for eclips3
    and click START it will flash the ps3key with the hack

    2.Get the 3.41 firmware get a USB flashdrive or a portable hardrive (FAT32)
    put the firmware files inside
    so for example your flash drive is E:
    it will be E:/PS3/UPDATE
    Go thru the interface to install it and it will install

    3. Installing Backup managers
    Ok Unpower the ps3 by the wall or unplug it watever and plug it back in
    make sure only the ps3key is in press the power button and then hold hte eject button wait 10 seconds let go the light will flash red wait 10 seconds it will go green the hack is now initiated.

    Get Your Usb Stick copy
    OpenBM 1.16.pkg
    to the root of the usb or hardrive *E:/*
    plug the usb into the playstation go pkginstaller
    and select all 3 of these files and install them all

    once that is done all the programs for backing up and playing games are installed

    4. How to backup Original ps3 Disks?

    Ok the way i see it for me
    Openmanager should be used for playing games that have files bigger then 4gb that you have downloaded
    Backup manager is used for everything else
    Reason is When i backed my games up with open manager it didnt decrpty the eboot.bin files properly and i kept getting errors while booting the games

    Load backup manager
    Put the disc you want copied into the drive
    select it in BMv1 and press O to backup
    it will take anything from 30 minutes to an hour and a half
    once done its complete

    5. Installing games >4Gb files
    ok if you have downloaded a game with a file with a 4gb file you will need to split these files put them on a usb device copy load open manager and press O to back the game up onto internal

    lets start
    Load OpenSplit v1.1 on your pc
    go split .big file

    and select the game folder eg*BCES-0784*
    it will start splitting the files and rename the folder to *_BCES-0784*
    go rename and delete the "_" copy the folder to a usb device
    plug it in the ps3 load open manager select the game in the list press O to backup this will copy the game to the internal drive

    once that is done the game will be installed to internal and ready to play

    6.FTP Files to internal
    Make sure ur wireless or ethernet is active
    load FTP Blackbox1.2
    load Smartftp client on your pc
    up the top left write in the ip address and click the > arrow

    it will load your ps3
    go into hdd_dev0:
    open folder game
    open folder LAUN12345
    copy your game folders *eg*BCES-0748* into here

    that will install copy the game into Open manager

    i forgot the folder for BM at the moment
    so thats all u gotta do for that ...

    7. Downloaded games working from External

    Get Your External drive or Usb flash drive *fat32*
    make a folder in the root called GAMEZ
    copy your game folders *eg*BCES-0748* in the GAMEZ folder
    plug into ps3 and load in either BM or OPM

    thats pritty much all there is to the ps3
    if i missed anything out or need anymore help jusut ask


    Hex Files
    Hex Files.rar

    Blackbox Ftp


    Open Split
    OpenSplit v1.1.rar

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    nice tutorial . but my ps3 is already update to 3.42
    can i still jailbreak ?

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    reread my man

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    Good tutorial, keep it up.

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    Thank you! Really helped me! :D

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    It is a very nice Ultimate PS3 games...

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