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Thread: "Fake" Classic Controller Emulators

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    Default "Fake" Classic Controller Emulators

    Fake classic controllers (from sites like Deal Extreme) are not supported in homebrew due to a bug in libogc (I guess it's really a bug with the controller). Below are homebrew app dols that have been complied with a modified libogc.

    If you controller does not work with homebrew try to download the file below. It contains:

    Snex9x GX
    FCE Ultra GX
    Genesis Plus


    The dols were complied by Gabuuzz. All credit goes to him. I'm not a 100% sure what version they are. I believe it is the latest version of each as of today (1/29/10) but can not be sure.

    How to use
    Simply rename a files to boot.dol and replace the existing one from the emulator package (download the emulator package from a site like wiibrew).

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    where can I find these files? Really they work?

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    wow what a scame

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