View Full Version : Froze during save - unable to load

01-12-2010, 02:12 PM
So I was trying to save my NCAA Football 2008 dynasty last night and the game froze in the middle of the save. I left it for 15 minutes to be sure...and no change. So I quit the game from the PS3 console and re-started. Then I tried to reload. It got past the PS3 console loading screen into the game loading screen and froze again. I tried again after leaving the PS3 off all night with the same result. Since I wasn't aware this could happen (just got the PS3 for Christmas) I haven't been keeping back-ups of my dynasty, so all I have is this single save (since by default it overwrites the old one). Am I going to lose 3 years of dynasty play and recruitment or is there some way to recover it? Should I have handled it differently when it froze during the save?

Thanks in advance.