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01-09-2010, 09:16 AM
Installing Ubuntu Linux on Playstation 3

What you'll need:

A 20, 60, 40, or 80GB PS3
A CD-R Disc
A USB Mass Storage Device (i.e. Memory Stick, flash drive, etc.)
A Bluetooth or USB Keyboard and Mouse


Step 1: Download the Ubuntu Linux PPC image here (http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/ports/releases/gutsy/release/ubuntu-7.10-desktop-powerpc+ps3.iso)
Step 2: Burn the ISO to a CD-R.
Step 3: Download the KBoot here: Redirecting to correct download page... (http://download.softpedia.ro/dl/066acd602376f31428f2795d66ed8790/46ab7315/600026270/linux/files/otheros.bld)
Step 4: On your flash drive or whatever, create a folder called, "PS3" on the ROOT, then within that folder, create a "OTHEROS" folder, and put the otheros.bld in the OTHEROS folder.
Step 4.1: On the PS3, do a Quick format, and allot 10GB for otheros.
Step 4.2: Connect the storage device to your PS3.
Step 5: On your PS3, go to Settings>System Settings>Install OtherOS. Press X to detect the otheros.bld, and Press X to install it.
Step 6: Then, do Settings>System Settings>Default System>OtherOS. The PS3 will ask you to start OtherOS. Select Yes. The PS3 will restart. You'll hten see the KBoot screen. (It should say "Ubuntu PS3 KBoot Loader").
Step 7: Insert the Ubuntu CD you burned.
Step 8: On the keyboard, hit ENTER. (You should've had your keyboard 'n mouse connected already)
Step 9: Booting from CD is painfully slow, like watching snails race across the room, lol.
Step 10: When you get on the Linux desktop, Stop ALL process, except ones that are needed, because there is a bug which halts the installation at 15%. To avoid this you need to terminate some running services and processes.
open System > Administration > Services.
Uncheck everything except the CPU frequency manager (powernowd), Graphical login manager (gdm) and System communication bus (dbus).
Step 11: Open System > Administration > System Monitor. Select the Processes tab.
Kill all processes on the list (right click > Kill Process). The ones that are necessary for the system to install will automatically restart or refuse to be terminated.
Step 12: Now, install Ubuntu. Click the install icon. You'll need to create an Ubuntu account, then login to it. It'll then ask you where to install Ubuntu, select Manual, then select the 10.7GB hard drive.
Step 13: When install completes, restart the PS3, then you'll see the KBoot. You can now remove the Ubuntu CD. Input yur login info, and hit ENTER.
Step 14: Enjoy Ubuntu!

Remember, to get back to the PS3 XMB, type boot-game-os at KBoot. To uninstall it, just do a full format.

04-11-2011, 07:29 PM
Do I NEED the XMB?