View Full Version : It looks as if there won't be any more Custom Firmware updates.....

01-07-2010, 12:10 AM
I was browsing on the almighty GEN forums when I came across this post from Yoshihiro:


So what does this mean?
-As of now, any game that comes out which uses a new encryption key or method will not work on any firmware available now.

The scene was already dying, with Team GEN holding the bit of what's left together, giving the users the ability of using homebrew on top of being able to play your legit games which uses Sony's current encryption method on firmware lower than 6.20.

But, thanks to lamers ripping from their work, it seems that the last person that has the ability to give what many wanted, is throwing in the towel.

Don't say I never told you so. Looks like my sig about M33 fanboys need a change now....

Let the crying begin!