View Full Version : Around 550 Digital Comics Now Available For PSP

01-03-2010, 02:16 PM
Comics fans, your day has come.

SCEA has announced that all PSP owners can now select from hundreds of digital comics on the PlayStation Network; included in the gigantic list are the likes of Marvel Entertainment, Disney, IDW Publishing, iVerse Media and more. There are a grand total of 550 comics now available on the Store and more content will continue to be added weekly. You can gain access to this significant collection by using your PSP and a WiFi connection, or you can simply access the Store on your PC with Media Go software. Once done doing the latter, you can transfer your comic treasure over to the PSP with a simple USB cable. Furthermore, thanks to firmware update v6.20, readers will actually feel as if they're browsing through a real print copy of the comic: there's something called an "Autoflow" feature, which lets you "flip from page-to-page, zoom in and move from frame-to-frame on each digital page -- similar to the way eyes move across a print page from left to right." As for prices, most comics can be nabbed for only $1.99 although they do range between $0.99 and $2.99, and that should be well worth the cost for most fans. Besides, your superheroes never looked this good on plain ol' paper. Or maybe you're a purist...

When you're on the go, you often need a bit of a leisure reprieve, which is why the PSP exists. Whether it's the new PSP Go or one of the old versions, this handheld has plenty of features and options.