View Full Version : Home version 1.00 Available to Beta Testers

01-03-2010, 12:56 PM

Home is verging ever closer to us as the new 1.00 build is now been made available to the closed beta testers. The main new feature in the 1.00 build is the club system. It allows users to join up to 32 other players in a "clubhouse" to discuss gaming or even have themed communities. However when the final build of Home is released to the public, the "clubhouse" feature will be at a fee.

Other features/changes:

- There is an online manual and tutorial for more understanding about Home features.

- The virtual PSP has been replaced with a alternative pad. (Picture HERE)

- Renamed sections of Home have been altered.

- Areas are available for download for faster loading between different sections of Home.
For a few selected users Home has just got a little bit closer to reality. Three waves of beta invites will be sent out over the coming weeks so that Sony are able to test their server load. The beta will remain a closed one until the servers are properly serviced. Then all we have to do is wait for the open beta and of course the final release!