View Full Version : Gran Turismo 5 Coming Q4 2009?

01-03-2010, 11:32 AM
The release date for Polyphony Digital's Gran Turismo 5 has been a bit of a mystery, that is until now. Apparently Sony was handing out brochures for the game while at GamesCom and on said brochures it stated the game would be coming 4. Quartel 2009″.


It's safe to say that this meant the game's release date, especially now that it has been translated over into English, thanks to GTPlanet. Note that the brochure also mentions some new information, that being which the game will include a total of 1000 cars in the game.

Developer: Polyphony Platform: PS3
Genre: Racing Number of players: T.B.A.

Release: 4th Quarter of 2009


(lots of stupid PR blah blah, really nothing important)
The player can choose between over
1000 cars to race on incredible detailed racetracks and unlock PlayStation Trophies (blah).
The new NASCAR and WRC championships improve the Gran Turismo experience. Players are challenged to fight their way up the online leaderboards against other racedrivers from all over the world.
A SCEE representative told Joystiq that it is indeed true. Although now that we know it's confirmed, we still have to agree with what they said -- we too have doubts on whether Sony can deliver on their word. Perhaps we'll get more info from Sony come the Tokyo Game Show in Japan next month.