View Full Version : Famitsu: PS3 triumphs,PSP Go FAILS

01-03-2010, 01:22 AM
"Statistics don't take holiday breaks. That's why here we have the hardware sales figures from Famitsu for the week of December 14th to December 20th. And look what we have here. It's Sony's PS3 having a merry, merry Christmas as it tops the charts at 245,000 units sold.

The list is a bit longer this time, what with another DS model joining the club, DSiLL. The handheld gentle giant settles comfortably at 5th place. Full stats below:

1. PS3 245,000
2. Wii 208,000
3. DSi 111,000
4. PSP 78,000
5. DSi LL 75,000
6. DS Lite 13,000
7. Xbox 360 7,100
8. PSP Go 3,200"


It appears that a console(the PS3) has finally knocked the Wii off of first place