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11-29-2009, 03:07 PM

General Information:
Do Not update right away when new firmware is released, wait for the code to be available.
Demo Mode units that are locked cannot access the XMB.
Demo units usually have a 150GB Hard Drive.
It should play PS1 and PS2 titles; they have BwC, but newer ones will not.
Unlocked, You can use the browser.
You may have to use the unlock code repeatedly when accessing features, and after playing games.
Some Kiosk units have a 30-minute time limit for game play.
When set - Kiosk units are set to "freeze up" to prevent a person from hogging the console.
You have to update firmware for some games, that presents a problem; the unlock code changes.
Unlock codes may be different in their respective PAL and NTSC regions.
When trying to log on in friends menu, with a log on that is on the PS3, it may ask for a FW update.

Sony owns the Kiosk unit; Sony will not give you the unlock code, or any information on how to make it a retail console. If you posses one of these units, they will assume it is stolen merchandise. You usually have to get the code from the retailer if known, but common codes are listed in this post. If you send the unit back to Sony, it is reported that you won't get it back, or a replacement.

You will need to use the password to UNLOCK the unit from Kiosk/DEMO mode.

Procedure: Hold L1+R1+Select+Square simultaneously. When the security settings icon is selected in the XMB, it will ask for you to input a code (four digit code). You should start by using the codes listed below for your version firmware. Please PM the Administrator if any codes work, to add testimony to this message body.

The for sure way is to manually enter them, by starting at 0000, and work your way up to 9999 manually, as was done with the V1.5 PAL code listed below.

Here is a list of codes that been verified unlocked DEMO Modes in PS3s

V1.5 Pal: 8604 (Found by manually inputting, starting at "0000". Ausie console)

Pre V1.5x said to have no unlock code, this is not confirmed.

V1.5x code: 5202 (NTSC Units - for some local retailer shops, people say this worked).
V1.6x code: 7568
V1.7x code: 0506
V1.8x code: 7712 or 7259 (read four separate threads that 7712 worked)
1.9x - 2737
2.0x - 0219
2.1x - 2464
2.2x - 4801
2.3x - 6558
2.4x - 9015
2.5x - 6258
2.6x - 8783
2.7x - 7164
2.8x - 7978
3.1x - 5081 < NEW

Many people have verified these codes are valid, and work.

If you update the firmware when in demo mode, it updates the unit with new demo mode firmware (if available), and not a retail version firmware. The code then changes with the updated firmware, and it is reported that the console will re-lock with the code relative to that version firmware.

If any way to force a retail update to a kiosk unit, it will be posted, as of now, there is no method.

Once Unlocked: Unit will remain in DEMO MODE, but you will be able to access more features of the console. People have also reported larger Hard Disks in the units as well.

Things you can't do with a Demo console
No on-line Store.
You cannot use retail system updates.

12-02-2011, 03:03 AM
Ps3demo release code for ver.4.00 is 0219

12-02-2011, 03:06 AM
Ps3 demo release code for ver.3.70 is 5238