View Full Version : PSP Go Hacked

12-22-2009, 09:10 AM
Earlier this year we asked the question, will the PSP Go be hacked? The answer, coming only about a month after the launch of the machine, is yes. The same folks who finally cracked open the PSP-3000 hardware for custom firmware have done it again on the new device. But before you get too excited, the hackers of Team Typhoon have said that they do not plan to release this exploit to the public. This is either because they are afraid the power will be used for evil (piracy), or because the hack can be easily closed by Sony using an official firmware update.

Still, for an initial proof-of-concept, it is hard to deny that their work is impressive. In the video below, team Typhoon show off their hacked PSP Go, which is able to boot into a special kernel mode that allows homebrew software to run. They then boot and demonstrate the PicoDrive Sega CD emulator, and play around with Sonic. The video is definitely real, and we have no reason to doubt the claims of the group given their earlier success on the PSP 3000.