View Full Version : What's on Your Video Game Christmas List?

12-22-2009, 08:50 AM
Dear Santa, we promise that we've been good little children all year long. We brought water to that homeless guy in Fallout 3 for positive karma, we played well with our teammates in Left4Dead 2, and we kept the fanboy bashing to a minimum. So, when you make your highly improbable circumplanetary voyage on December 24th, we hope that you won't forget us, nestled in our beds, DualShock controllers in hand. But just to avoid any mix-ups, we've made things extra simple by providing you with a list of the things we want. Hopefully your elves have mastered the dexterity needed to produce Japanese technology, because there's a lot of it on here. Now, since Christmas day is soon approaching, let's get started, shall we?