View Full Version : DayViewer v6.1

12-21-2009, 03:51 AM
Update to the plugin DayViewer of Total_Noob, allowing us to display information as the day of the week and the level of battery charge as a percentage next to the clock in the dashboard. In this new release has finally added support for all Unicode characters, including accented letters so that from now be displayed properly, it introduces the ability to display next to the seconds and minutes and hours were fixed several minor bugs .

Changelog v6.0
• Added compatibility with all special Unicode characters, now also accented letters are written correctly
• Added the ability to display the seconds hour
• Compatible with all CF 3.71 and higher
• Added support for the format YYYY / MM / DD
• Fixed a bug that slowed the XMB
• Fixed a bug in displaying the battery level
• Fixed incompatibility with other plugins
• Rewrite the configuration file

Changelog v6.1
• fixato a bug that, in early-stage prevented the reproduction of bootsound