View Full Version : TimeBatteryPercent v3.0

12-21-2009, 03:49 AM
Pspflashsystem developer has released a new update to its plug TimeBatteryPercent, application that allows us to see how much charge the battery directly to the main menu and that, thanks to additional features, is a perfect alternative to DayViewer of Total_Noob. This new release, v3.0, introduces compatibility with all custom firmware from 5.00M33 and fixes some bugs of previous versions.
Following the full changelog and the link to download.

Changelog v3.0:


- Compatible with all CF from 5.00M33
- TimeBatteryPercent the format of patches (12H, 24H) of the various date formats
- Fixati the following bug related to the percentage of battery time: 343% and 22: -23)
- Now, if the battery is not inserted in the XMB shows "?" or otherwise of negative numbers
- Are now removed automatically unnecessary characters like double spaces
- Improve and speed up the display of various information in the XMB